Wings Over Marin – Sept. 21, 2013

The big rodeo of the year, WINGS OVER MARIN will take place Sept. 21st, Saturday, Gnoss Field, and will celebrate ‘Women in Aviation’ as its theme. There will be fly-bys, static displays, vendors, seminars, women keynote speakers and tons of fun. The County of Marin has decreed Sept21st as the official ‘Women in Aviation Day’ for the county. Pretty cool, huh?

GFCA (Gnoss Field Community Association) had this event two years ago and were so successful they are eager to do it again. Due to the waning interest in general aviation the goals of the event are to attract more kids (free entrance) and share job opportunities in the aviation world. Early on, last fall, the guys hooked me into planning and put me in charge of the speakers and seminars.

At first I went to the Aviation Speakers Bureau. For a pretty penny you can have the big names, Patty Wagstaff, Julie Clark, come and entertain. Yet what was niggling in the back of my head was how much talent we have within our very own community. It blows me away the accomplishment of our members.
The keynote speakers will be Denna Gollner talking of her career in the military and United Airlines, Nancy Lemmon and her career with Southern Air (Africa) and flying for Fed Ex out of Asia. Seminars will include Kris Winter talking about flying cargo, A&P training and aviation law. Also Deborah Flint-Ale, the director of Oakland Airport will be joining us. These are power-house women getting up each day and making aviation a better world. I’m in awe! Carolyn Patterson is handling the vendors and Susan Royce is responsible for printing and publicity.

Where we need your help are as ambassadors the day of the event. There will be bus transportation from the parking at Fireman’s Fund to the airport. On each bus trip we’d like to have docents talking about all the events of the day… perfect for us! We’re also going into the schools prior to the event. both elementary and high school. AOPA has lots of info, age specific for us to share with teachers and students.

WOM goals are to get 3,000 people to enjoy the day, teach kids their opportunities for career in aviation and build a greater relationship with the people in the area. The folks at GFCA are so well organized the kinks are getting worked out early so we can enjoy the day too. Put that day on your calendar pronto!

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