Marin County 99s Jan. 23 Meeting
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Sue RoyceAttendants: Barbara O’Grady, Cindy Pickett, Val Westin, Sherry Vakharia, Karen Kalua and Carolyn Patterson, Sue Royce

Treasurer’ Report: $3,584.69

Old business: None to report

New business: 

I. Fly outs: Cindy Pickett presented a tentative fly out schedule. It was discussed that this is what keeps our group strong and involved. Next Sun. Jan 31st will be our first to South County Airport to join the Santa Rosa 99s and Bay Cities 99s. Sue will send out a reminder and details of the day. 


Jan. 31: San Martin E16/ South County airport: Join the Santa Rosa 99s and Bay Cities 99s for a day at the Wings of History Museum. 

Feb. 27: Eureka O33 / Samoa Cook House: A short bike ride, taxi ride to a window on the lumber industry in the bygone days. Meet 11:00 

March 19: Meeting Marin 99s

March 26: Fresno FCH- Stroll the downtown Tower District, Fresno Art Museum (Frida Kahlo through the lens of Nicholas Murray)

April 30: SCK Stockton- Cruise the water front of the Port of Stockton, Hagen Museum

May 21: Salinas SNS- Pinnacles Nat’l Monument, Steinbeck Museum

June 19: Colombia Father’s Day Flyout and breakfast

July OTTAWA : the big/little cross country 99s International Meeting

Aug 6:Concord. CCR : Lindsey Wildlife museum

Sept 3-5: Moab, UT CNY Cindy’s Homeland/ Magic in the Red Rocks

Oct: Someplace in the high country for fall foliage?

Nov: Auburn AUN: Citrus Festival

Also recommended fly outs: San Carlos and S.L.O. 

 2. Scholarships: Dear to Sue’s heart is our mission to promote women in aviation. Discussion was centered on what type of scholarship is most beneficial to the pilot community and to the individual student pilot. It was voted on and motion passed to sponsor a ‘Check Ride’ scholarship for $500. Qualifications will be current medical and student pilots license. Cindy will send out applications to local flight schools to advertise the scholarship. The requirements of the scholarship money will be to complete the check ride within 24 months of receiving it, a letter of recommendation from their instructor and a personal statement of their relationship and intentions with aviation. 

 Meeting adjourned at 11:30 to rainbows and rain! Many thanks to Sue Royce for sharing her hanger and for being such a great Prez! Cindy Pickett

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