Tam High Student Reaches out to Marin 99s

Maddie Schwartz, age 16, contacted Sue Royce recently to find out how she could become a pilot.  Well, Sue took Maddie flying in her Cherokee and the rest is history.  In one week‘s time, she has signed up for Barbara O’Grady’s ground school, is studying flight material, has a San Francisco VFR sectional, a plotter and has hit the ground running.  She is very excited to become a licensed pilot and eventually get her ATP.  Maddie is a sophomore at Tam High in Mill Valley.  

Next Marin 99s meeting will be at Gnoss Field!

Date:                    Saturday, January 20, 2018

Time:                   10:00 a.m. until 12

Venue:                 Sue’s hangar / Gnoss Field – B101, across from Scanlon Aviation maintenance hangar.

Potluck brunch.  Please RSVP.  Let’s get a good turnout of aviatrices for a photo group shot for our website!!

Welcoming a new member to the Marin 99’s…

For several years I was interested in getting my Private Pilot’s License, but it took me until 2017 to earnestly begin working towards it. For years I considered getting my license, but always felt that I was too busy to pursue it. At the end of Summer 2017 I got a pamphlet in the mail from SRJC that listed the community education classes for Fall 2017. One of the classes included Ground School, which I’d been considering. I checked my schedule for the upcoming months and said “Why not?”. I signed up and began immersing myself in the world of aviation.

Soon after classes began, my ground school instructor, Barbara O’Grady, emailed the women of the class inviting us to attend a local 99s meeting. She mentioned this organization a few times and I was interested in going. On a sunny Saturday morning we met at a hangar at Gnoss Field (NOT) in Novato, CA. It was a warm and friendly environment with lots of good food and great conversation. We each shared about how we became involved with flying and what comprised our flight histories up to that day. I loved hearing about their different journeys and how it had led them to where they were presently at. On my drive home I ruminated on the community these women were a part of – I had no idea that this existed so close to home! I was so happy I went and hope to join them again soon. Thank you Marin 99s for having me!

– Jennifer Sawhney

Private Pilot Ground School Class

Marin 99 Val Westen passes her checkride!!

It was a long time coming, but on December 11, 2017, my flight instructor, Marc Ashton, and I flew to Vacaville, Nut Tree Airport, for my private pilot checkride.  We left Petaluma early, flying east 40 miles into the sunrise.  I was strangely calm even though I was sure my adrenalin was pumping overtime.  At Nut Tree, I met my checkride pilot, Ashley Snider, in the pilot lounge.  She’s young enough to be my daughter, I thought.  Then I wished I had started flying when she did, in college, rather than in my retirement.  Enough I thought, and the real part began: the paper work for the FAA, and the oral exam, which focused very practically on the type of plane I fly, a flight she had asked me to prepare, and myriad other things that go into making the decision of whether to fly on a particular day.  Then—to the plane for the checkride itself.

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Marin 99 Sue Royce acquired her instrument rating on November 30, 2017!!

November 30, 2017 was the last day I could pass my check ride without having to retake the FAA written exam, as if there was not enough pressure already.  DPE Jim Hinson and I met at 8 a.m. at the Pilot Lounge at Lincoln Regional Airport and dove right in on the oral exam.  It was extensive questioning, including risk management, my airplane’s AD’s and the trip he had me plan to Monterey which was mostly about lost communication and knowing what to do.  We reviewed weather extensively.  After a grueling 2.5 hours Jim told me “You passed the oral” (Whew!!) and we continued on with the flight part of the check ride.  He gave me the 3 approaches we would do and we took to the skies.  After a VOR approach at McClellan Airfield (Jim was my DME, as my Cherokee does not have one), an ILS at Sacramento Mather and the LOC coming back to Lincoln, I heard the magic words after landing . . . “You passed!”  I was one happy lady.

Holiday Party – December 9th!

GFCA/Marin 99’s/EAA Holiday Party

Date:  Saturday, December 9th

Time:  5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Place:  Gnoss Field Airport, Scanlon Aviation Maintenance Hangar, Novato CA

RSVP:  Sue Royce (sue@royceprinting.com) or 510-220-7744

Potluck:  A-H Appetizer, I-R Side Dish or Salad, S-Z Dessert