Girl Scouts are back!!

On October 16 we had Petaluma Girl Scout Troop 10052, 4th Grade Juniors, learning aviation basics to earn their Girl Scout Aviation Badges. Big thanks to Barbara O’Grady for teaching the class, Rick Beach for setting up the audio, Rebecca Oppendiasano, new flight instructor at Gnoss to share her flight training experience with the girls, and Dianna Wilusz and Sue Samir helping with set up. Hopefully we planted a few aviation seeds in their little brains. The girls were very engaged and asked great questions! Was lots of fun showing off our airport to the group, especially when our Red Tails vintage aircraft took off for formation flying.

Marin 99s meet on September 25

In attendance was Barbara, Rita, Dianna, Lisa, Margy, Sue S. and Sue R. We covered various topics, such as Barbara’s Power Point to promote our Gnoss Field, Marielle’s painting of the compass rose at Angwin and our upcoming Girl Scout Aviation Badge Classes scheduled for October 16 and October 23. Pat Scanlon gave us a First Class tour of his new Cirrus Vision Jet. WOW!!!

Next meeting scheduled for November 21. See you all then. Cheers!!


Marin 99s Gretchen Kah’s Paella dinner was another winner!!

On July 17, several lucky Marin 99s were able to enjoy yet again one of Gretchen’s yummy paella dinners. Fun was had by all. In addition to the great dinner, we had good conversation and fine wines, including a few rioja’s to go along with her Spanish theme. Thank you again, Gretchen!! You are the best!

Cindy Pickett’s quote pretty much summed up our group and our energy:

“Wild women are an unexplainable spark of life. They ooze freedom and seek awareness, they belong to nobody but themselves yet give a piece of who they are to everyone they meet. If you have met one, hold on to her, she’ll allow you into her chaos but she’ll also show you her magic.” Nikki Rowe

From left, Nysa Kline, Cindy Pickett, Diane Root, Marielle Coeytaux, Gretchen Kah, Sue Royce, Rita Merker, Don Dummer and Lisa Wermurt.

Marin 99s Meet on May 22 – Our Good Ole Fashion Pot Luck Brunch is BACK!!

We had a fun meeting on Saturday May 22 at Sue Royce’s hangar, and it was like the before times with potluck goodies and without masks. Sitting in a circle outside, we introduced ourselves and welcomed guests Ji Yoon, Assistant Manager at Angwin airport, Madison Vogt, student pilot, and new member, Jill Seman. 

We cheered the fact that Marielle could make it despite her hip break less than 5 weeks ago. She flew herself down with Ji and Madison – way to go Marielle!!

It seemed like all good news from everyone, and that there is plenty of flying coming up for people taking refresher instruction to summer fly outs.  We talked about the GFCA efforts to educate the community about the benefits of General Aviation, which has been spearheaded by Barbara O’Grady. See Sue’s email from April 6. Vicki will be bringing the message to some local rotary clubs, and Alyssa will be writing an article about, a conservation organization that uses volunteer General Aviation pilots to help with everything from the CA Condor restoration project, to patrolling the SF Bay to help with environmental compliance.  Sue is going to let us all know when we might paint the Petaluma compass rose, and when we might have our next meeting. Everyone agreed that meeting once/month seems like a great idea – and that members attend when they can. Gretchen couldn’t be with us, but she says she’ll be having a paella party at her house in SF in July. Stand by for date.

As ever, everyone was grateful to meet at the coolest hanger at KDVO. We also expressed huge appreciation for Vicki Martinez’s service and commitment to Covid ER work since the pandemic began.

Written by Alyssa Abbey, Board Secretary. Photos by Gary Ferber.