May 21 Marin 99s party -Check Ride Scholarships and Mentoring

What fun our get together was! Great energy when a bunch of lady pilots get together, especially the Marin 99s. Above is Jenny Carrico, Sarah Ward and Kenzie Chelemedos with me after being presented their Check Ride Scholarship Certificates. Unfortunately, Maki Honda, the 4th scholarship recipient, could not make it to the party. We congratulate them all!!

Kelise Pasahii came to our party with her mom – At 16 years old, Kelise, a student at Novato High School, is very excited to learn to fly and we are anxious to get her started. She left with a Private Pilot Instruction Manual provide by Barbara O’Grady, our certified FAA Ground School Instructor. Sue gave her a plotter, an E6-B flight computer and two slightly outdated flight sectionals. Kelise cannot wait to go on her first flight!

Our next Marin 99s meeting will be on June 17, so please mark your calendars.

Blue skies and tailwinds!

Sue Royce, Chair, Marin 99s

Seventy years ago . . .

Great Marin 99s meeting on April 15 – Heart warming stories of what led us to flying . . .

Aliona Iantsiuk, newest member of the Marin 99s, flies for the first time with Sue Royce in her Cherokee 180. Aliona’s a natural!!

SHOWERS BRING FLOWERS!! – Marielle Coeytaux and Susan Hollander, Marin 99s, go up to see the Super Blooms last weekend

Rebecca Oppedisano, still a Marin 99s, but now in Pueblo, CO Flight Training for Air Force

Rebecca Oppedisano, a former flight instructor with Scanlon Aviation at Gnoss Field, relocated to Pueblo, Colorado, to become a Military Instructor Pilot for the Air Force Initial Flight Training (IFT) program. Rebecca works for CAE and flys the Diamond DA20 aircraft. Rebecca is still a faithful member of our Marin 99s Chapter.