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Val Westen makes her best landing ever at Trinity Center

Marin 99 Val Westen and her partner, Dan Bedford, flew up to Trinity Center last month. She claims her landing in their 182 was her best ever. Good job, Val! Looks like it was a beautiful day to fly up in the Trinity area for a picnic in the grass.

Marielle Coeytaux delivers vests for CalDART

Marin 99 Marielle Coeytaux was asked by the President of CalDART to coordinate the distribution of vests for DART ground crew volunteers to all the Northern California DART Operators.

Marielle and Bob Edwards made the rounds on Sunday, Feb. 28 (in his slick Cirrus) to drop them off at the various airports.  Their 5 hour itinerary was 2o3-CCR-E16-PAO-HAF-2o3. The weather was a little bumpy but beautiful.  It turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Marielle to meet other DART leaders who were there to greet them as they arrived with the vests.    Marielle says:  “Gosh, I love the aviation community!”  Yes, we agree, Marielle!!  We do, too and thank you for your volunteer work with CalDART!!

Alyssa Abbey now has her own 182 RG!!

Our Marin 99 Alyssa Abbey and her partner, Dan, are the new proud owners of a 182 RG. They will be flying it home from Texas to Gnoss Field where she will be parking it in her new hangar!! Congratulations Alyssa and Dan and have a wonderful flight!

Gretchen Kah Solos in Cessna 172 Today!!

Gretchen passed on this wonderful news to us today. She is working with Mike Smith out of Napa. She says he is great! You go, girl!!

Meeting Agenda/Minutes for February 22, 2020

The Marin County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc.Annual Meeting Agenda – February 22, 2020

10:00               Brunch / Mingle time

10:30               Welcome everyone – Introductions

10:45               Treasurer’s report

11:00               Business –

  • Vote for new officers:

Rita Merker, Chair

Valerie Westen, Vice Chair

Cindy Pickett, Treasurer

Vacant, Secretary                  

  • Marielle Coeytaux – Presenting her flight project “Sea to Shining Sea.”
  • Sue Royce – Recap of Girl Scout Aviation Badge Class on January 18

Calendar –

3/21 – 10 a.m – 2:00 p.m. – Fly-out to Angwin – bring a bag lunch

4/30 – 5/3 –  SW Section 99s Spring 2020 meeting, hosted by the Santa Clara Valley Chapter. 

7/8 – 7/12 – 2020 99s international Conf. in Long Beach – more info on internet

9/26 – Girls in Aviation Day / Sponsored by Women and Aviation – We will plan on having another event this day at Gnoss Field               

10/17 – Gretchen’s Annual Paella dinner

12/5 – Holiday Party at Gnoss Field

11:00               Future activities

11:30               Open discussion

12:00               Meeting adjourned

The Ninety-Nines Mission Statement:  The Ninety-Nines is the International Organization of Women Pilots that promotes advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and mutual support while honoring our unique history and sharing our passion of flight.