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Barriers to Completing Flight Training

from Max Trescott on General Aviation…

Female Student Pilots – Barriers to Completing Flight Training

Lots of statistics, but an interesting read, nonetheless. Nothing you didn’t already know. It would be nice to see a newer, more comprehensive survey. Many of us replied to the study commissioned by AOPA and are awaiting those results. Continue reading ‘Barriers to Completing Flight Training’

Wing Tips

Flight planning, whether for a short hop or a long haul can be gleaned from many sources. I always like talking to a briefer. It used to be they knew the ins and outs of the area. Now you just get what they’re interpreting off the computer. Anyway a warm, fuzzy voice can help dissect the wx issues.

Currently there are a number of flight planning products, for free, out on the web. I took on two programs just to see how easy, and supportive they can be. The two were Flightaware and navmonster.

This program seems to be geared more for the pro or IFR flight. You have to create a login profile before you start getting any info. That took a lot of rooting around, trying to remember all the details of my plane. Then before they would give me wx and flight routing they took for granted this flight would be filed. I don’t often file. The routing was also geared to standard routes without any field trips to places of interest or avoiding high
terrain. I suppose once you get familiar with this product, you can sail through all the hoops and ladders to get your info. Not a product I would go back to.

This is a great site. It’s easy, fast, you don’t have to have a NAV profile. Just type in departure point, destination and away you go. Their maps are great for wx, winds, and they have a radar loop. A chart with the winds aloft at different altitudes helps with altitude planning. There also is a listing of fuel prices in the vicinity of your route if you need a potty break and to pick up more fuel. A nice feature is the Tripkit which gives you everything plus the shopping list. It took no time for my brain to wrap around this one.

Human Element

The Importance of the Human Element (.pdf)

The Importance of the Human Element,” written by Dr. Thomas R. Chidester and Dr. Carla A. Hackworth. The article provides readers with a solid foundation on human factors and addresses the question several might ask:  Why should I care? The article also discusses how CAMI research helps explain and pinpoint human factors that may lead to an error.

“When errors do occur, FAA experts try to understand the factors that led to those errors,” the article states. “One important goal is to determine whether a given error is a one-time error or a potential pitfall for other people.”

Flying the Edge of America

Flying the Edge of America: A trip of a lifetime
..David Millett and Julia Buss

In the summer of 2008 we flew our small, single engine, airplane around the edges of the contiguous United States of America. Along the way, we encountered America’s small towns, National Parks, and National Monuments. On the most dangerous and exciting adventure of our lives we flew into unanticipated ghastly weather, thunderstorms, and brushed with hurricanes. In the end, we discovered a land much more complex than we had imagined, far larger than we could believe, and more beautiful than we dreamed possible. This book is the story of our flight around the edge of America, and the journey that brought us to a deeper understanding and love of our adopted country.