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Private Pilot Ground School

History of the Powder Puff Derby

Sue Royce gave a presentation on the history of the Powder Puff Derbyyesterday at the EAA monthly meeting. She started with the very first race in 1929 from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, Ohio and ended with her experience flying the last Powder Puff Derby in 1976 with her mother. The race in 1976 was from Sacramento, CA to Wilmington, Delaware.  

In photo, Sue Royce with Madeline Eger and Ken Mercer, President of the EAA. Madeline, age 16, is a junior at Connections Academy. Upon graduating, Madeline is already planning on joining the United States Air Force to become a pilot.

2016 Ninety-Nines International Conference – Ottawa, Canada

Sue Royce, Cindy Pickett and Leanne Anderson were in attendance to represent our Marin Chapter of the 99s last week in Ottawa, Canada. Incredible meeting so many women in aviation all sharing our common mission: to promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support . . . and also sharing our love of flying!!

Cindy Pickett and Sue Royce with Amelia Earhart model.

Leanne Anderson, Martha Phillips, President of 99s International and Sue Royce at a Leadership session.

Cindy Pickett and Sue Royce out for a bike ride along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

Cindy Pickett with pilots Lynn Meadows and Pat Chan to see light show at the parliament building.

Auburn Fly-in a success!

Thanks to all for making last Saturday’s fly-in to Auburn so much fun. We had a lot of pilot power and representatives within our group (Marin 99s, GFCA (Gnoss Field Community Assn.), EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assn.) , COPA (Cirrus Owners Pilot Assn.), IFFR (International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians) and the Marin County Aviation Commission. But doing a fly-in, sharing stories and enjoying the camaraderie that we have between each other is what makes flying so much fun. Well, the lunch at Wings Grill was pretty good, too!! 

Rick Beach, Dan Bedford, Val Westen, Sue Royce, Tim Puliz, George Chaffey, Linda Jenkins, Karen Kalua and Ken Mercer.

Bethany Hernandez Passes CFII Checkride on May 20, 2016!

Bethany Hernandez, our most recent member and recipient of the Marin 99s$500 Checkride Scholarship passed her CFII last Friday in a helicopter. We are all so proud of you, Bethany!  

Spirit of St. Louis 2 at Gnoss Field

Marin 99s members and local women pilots were among the many who attended the Gnoss Field Community Association breakfast last Saturday, which was hosted by the Spirit of St. Louis 2 team. Scheduled for departure on May 20, 2017, Robert Ragozzino, professional pilot and aviation world-record holder, will fly solo in this replica of the original Spirit of St. Louis aircraft. The goal of the SOS2 project is to recreate Charles Lindbergh’s 1929 solo flight from New York to Paris across the Atlantic Ocean.  

In photo below: Sandy Walker, Sue Royce, Rhonda Nilsson, Bethany Hernandez and Kira Kargard, CAP cadet.

(In photo below) Robert Ragozzino – professional pilot and aviation world-record holder

Wishing Marin 99’s member Karen Kalua a speedy recovery!

Marin 99 member, Karen Kalua, has a broken wing (broken left shoulder) and is temporarily grounded, but has not lost her spirit. Karen at her Cardinal last weekend. We wish her a speedy recovery.