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Movie night at Gnoss!

Our next Movie Night at the Airport will be Saturday, November 5 (7 p.m.) will feature the 1957 feature “The Spirit of St. Louis”, directed by Academy Award winner Billy Wilder and starring Jimmy Stewart in the role he lobbied for years to play.

Our movie nights are held, appropriately enough, in the Spirit of St. Louis 2 project hangar at Gnoss Field. Host Robert Ragozzino, pilot and lead organizer of the SOS2 project, will be on hand to introduce the movie. 

Just think; you can come watch the definitive movie recreation of Lindbergh’s 1927 solo, non-stop flight from New York to Paris in an airplane factory while sitting next to the replica Spirit in which Robert will re-create the flight in real life on its’ 90th anniversary next May.

The trip in May will be live-cast on NOVA. Seeing this movie will give you historical context in which you will gain a fuller understanding of the monumental task at hand for Robert.

Tickets are $2 for adults, 50 cents for kids.

When arriving at the airport (451 Airport Road, Novato), Binford Road will drop you right in the parking lot. The Spirit of St. Louis 2 hangar is the big hangar/office building just to your right; look for signs and people to help direct you inside.

If you have questions contact us at 

Cindy’s Northwest Flying Adventure

What’s a summer without a big 99s cross country? Usually a few of us soar aloft to small town America for the 4th of July. But July came and went without any flying fireworks. So when Beth and Rich Behrens decided to return to their stomping grounds in north eastern Washington I couldn’t resist the invite.  For more of Cindy’s story click here.

Oakland Airport (Museum) Event: Open Cockpit Day September 18 (IFFR and Marin 99s)

For our next event, we are going to join in on the Open Cockpit Day with IFFR at Oakland Aviation Museum.  

Date/Time: Sunday, September 18 from 10:00am – 4:00 pm


10:00 am – 11:30 am—enjoy the Museum

11:30 am: IFFR Lunch: in a conference room set aside for us (Food Vendors on site).

12:00 pm – 4:00 pm: Open Cockpit Day. Enjoy the Museum, sit in the cockpit of a range of planes, including a Korean War MIG-15. Either fly or drive in. Please let me know who can make it. Should be tons of fun and is SO close to home. Don’t miss it.  

Click on this link for more information:      

99s – East Coast meets West Coast

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of taking Margot Cheel, past President of the New England Chapter of the 99s, flying from Gnoss Field. Margot and I met at the 99s International Conference in Ottawa, Canada earlier this month. While she was visiting her daughter in San Rafael last week, she could not turn down my offer to go for a Bay Tour in my Cherokee.  

Private Pilot Ground School

History of the Powder Puff Derby

Sue Royce gave a presentation on the history of the Powder Puff Derbyyesterday at the EAA monthly meeting. She started with the very first race in 1929 from Santa Monica, CA to Cleveland, Ohio and ended with her experience flying the last Powder Puff Derby in 1976 with her mother. The race in 1976 was from Sacramento, CA to Wilmington, Delaware.  

In photo, Sue Royce with Madeline Eger and Ken Mercer, President of the EAA. Madeline, age 16, is a junior at Connections Academy. Upon graduating, Madeline is already planning on joining the United States Air Force to become a pilot.

2016 Ninety-Nines International Conference – Ottawa, Canada

Sue Royce, Cindy Pickett and Leanne Anderson were in attendance to represent our Marin Chapter of the 99s last week in Ottawa, Canada. Incredible meeting so many women in aviation all sharing our common mission: to promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support . . . and also sharing our love of flying!!

Cindy Pickett and Sue Royce with Amelia Earhart model.

Leanne Anderson, Martha Phillips, President of 99s International and Sue Royce at a Leadership session.

Cindy Pickett and Sue Royce out for a bike ride along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

Cindy Pickett with pilots Lynn Meadows and Pat Chan to see light show at the parliament building.