Marielle Coeytaux delivers vests for CalDART

Marin 99 Marielle Coeytaux was asked by the President of CalDART to coordinate the distribution of vests for DART ground crew volunteers to all the Northern California DART Operators.

Marielle and Bob Edwards made the rounds on Sunday, Feb. 28 (in his slick Cirrus) to drop them off at the various airports.  Their 5 hour itinerary was 2o3-CCR-E16-PAO-HAF-2o3. The weather was a little bumpy but beautiful.  It turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Marielle to meet other DART leaders who were there to greet them as they arrived with the vests.    Marielle says:  “Gosh, I love the aviation community!”  Yes, we agree, Marielle!!  We do, too and thank you for your volunteer work with CalDART!!

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