Angwin Airport Fun Day – RESCHEDULED TO June 11

On Sunday June 11 (10am-2pm), Angwin airport will be bubbling with fun activities for all to enjoy. There will be a flour dropping contest (airplanes dropping bags of flour while in flight, aiming for a “bullseye” marked on the ground), aircrafts on the ramp for display, food and games for all to enjoy…

The event is put on by Angwin DART (Disaster Airlift Response Team), in order to promote our services and our airport.

DART is an organization of volunteer pilots who offer to help their community in time of need. Our mission is to fly needed ressources into the area and/or to fly people out, if airlift evacuation is called for. 

Such emergency services are only possible because there are generous pilots out there (willing to donate their time, competence and aviation resources to serve in this way) and a local airport to support such a service. We are very lucky to have both, at Angwin airport!

Come celebrate these ressources with us on Sunday June 4th. 

For Angwin DART,


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