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Angwin Airport Fun Day – RESCHEDULED TO June 11

On Sunday June 11 (10am-2pm), Angwin airport will be bubbling with fun activities for all to enjoy. There will be a flour dropping contest (airplanes dropping bags of flour while in flight, aiming for a “bullseye” marked on the ground), aircrafts on the ramp for display, food and games for all to enjoy…

The event is put on by Angwin DART (Disaster Airlift Response Team), in order to promote our services and our airport.

DART is an organization of volunteer pilots who offer to help their community in time of need. Our mission is to fly needed ressources into the area and/or to fly people out, if airlift evacuation is called for. 

Such emergency services are only possible because there are generous pilots out there (willing to donate their time, competence and aviation resources to serve in this way) and a local airport to support such a service. We are very lucky to have both, at Angwin airport!

Come celebrate these ressources with us on Sunday June 4th. 

For Angwin DART,


Leigh Coates brings her Bell helicopter to our Marin 99s meeting again on March 25 . . .

. . . which makes one awesome backdrop for our group photo. Thanks Leigh! We had yet another great meeting, which included ‘around the room’ introductions and updates on flying and lesson status. Everyone brought yummy dishes for our potluck brunch. Sue had plenty of coffee brewing.


  • Santa Rosa 99s is having their Aircraft Proficiency Excursion (APE) on April 8th. Contact Nancy Hayssen at or 707/280-4678 for more information. (See flyer below)
  • CB Skyshare had their second monthly Planes and Coffee today on March 25 from 8:30 – 12 noon, where they served coffee and donuts and had an assortment of classic cars from the 51-50 Foundation. They were also selling 100 LL for a .35 cent fuel discount for fuel truck and self-serve the whole day.
  • Gnoss Field will be having a EAA Young Eagles Day on April 15. Contact Ken Mercer if you are able to volunteer as a pilot or help as ground crew.
  • Marielle had the following CalDart (California Disaster Response Team) events to report:

Angwin DART – Disaster Airlift Response Team- will be doing its annual exercise on the morning of Saturday, May 13. DART is an organization of volunteer pilots who offer to help their community in time if crisis. Our mission is to fly in human and/or material ressources to devastated areas, and/or fly out individuals who need to be evacuated.

For its annual exercise, Angwin DART is looking for service requests from neighboring airports. The request could be that we fly something or someone into your airport (anything – use your imagination!), or that we fly someone out of your airport (this is an occasion to offer a free flight to a friend). 

Now, if you’re a pilot and you’d prefer to actually fly one of these missions, you are more than welcome to join us in that task!

Whatever you want to do would be appreciated. And it’ll add to the fun! 

Please contact me at / Marielle Coeytaux / Director of Angwin DART. 

Jessica Burch, CBS News Meteorologist, visits the Marin 99s

GREAT meeting – BEAUTIFUL Marin day

What a great Marin 99s meeting we had on Saturday February 18 2023, full of amazing aviatrices at all levels. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Jessica Burch, who flies a Blackhawk helicopter in the Army National Guard and does the weather on CBS Bay Area was in attendance with Leigh Coates, who recently owned the helicopter in the photo here. Leigh is a commercial helicopter pilot, CFI, Ferry Pilot, airplane pilot and gravity jet suit pilot. The helicopter is a 2021 BELL 505.

Rebecca Oppedisano, CFI with Scanlon Aviation gave us a tutorial on ForeFlight. 

We had a couple of new pilots, Alona (just starting) and Mikayla (around 10 hours in), plus several professional pilots.  Everyone brought a scrumptious brunch dish to share with the group. Marielle was able to fly in with her Cessna from Angwin. Diane finally returned from her 3 month honeymoon and joined us. 

What makes meetings  like ours yesterday so special is the networking, support, sharing of experiences and instant camaraderie we have with each other. We are so lucky.

To join the Marin County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, go to and choose Marin County Chapter. 

Marin 99s hold Girl Scout Aviation Badge Class for Petaluma Troop

Last Saturday, Barbara O’Grady and Sue Royce held a Girl Scout Aviation Badge Class in Sue’s hangar at Gnoss Field. In attendance were 8 Girl Scouts from Petaluma Troop 11311 who learned about aerodynamics, forces of flight, flight sectionals, the basic instrument panel and much more. It was followed up by a preflight of Sue’s Cherokee 180.  Due to the rainy weather, we were not able to take them up to the Observation Deck, but did stay in Sue’s hangar answering tons of very good questions from the scouts.  Rebecca Oppedisano, Pat Scanlon’s new CFII, talked to the girls about her experience of becoming a pilot. All had a great time. Let’s hope we planted a few aviation seeds in those little brains.