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Re-cap of June 5th Marin 99’s Meeting

June 5 Marin 99s meeting was attended by Diane Root, Karen Kalua, Alyssa
Abbey, Sue Royce, Marielle Coeytaux, Val Westen, Heather Davis, Vicki
Martinez and Barbara O’Grady.  Great food and conversation!  Val and
Marielle reported on the SWS Ninety-Nines Spring Session in Bakersfield.
Cindy Pickett will represent our Marin 99s Chapter in Philadelphia, PA at
the International Conference.  We scheduled the following upcoming events:

July 21 – Columbia fly-in – lunch in town.
August 11 – BBQ fundraiser at Vicki Martinez and Peter Gruhl’s house.
Details to follow.
September 5 – Seaplane flight at Sausalito Seaplane Adventures.  Contact
Sue Royce to RSVP.  Space limited.
September 22 – Marin 99s meeting to be held at Space Station Museum in
December 8 – Marin 99s, GFCA, EAA joint Holiday Party at Scanlon Aviation


June 5, 2018 Meeting of Marin 99’s

Karen Kalua passes BFR on April 20 after long recovery!!

Val Westen – Transition training to Cessna T182T

ValWesten_MountainFlyingVal Westen, who just got her private pilot’s certificate in December 2017, is on the move.   She and her partner, Dan, are planning a real cross-country flight this summer from their home in Northern California to see grandchildren in Massachusetts, children in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, friends and other family in Illinois, Michigan and parts as yet unknown.  The plannning part is great to consider and fun to think about.  Dan is doing a lot of the plannning while Val is busy transitioning to a bigger and faster plane.

Val trained on a Cessna 172M and loved its cozy feel, its 6-pack instruments and its great additions, like GPS.  It was 160 horsepower, and like baby bear’s porridge, it was just right.  But she and Dan will be flying a Cessna T182T for the summer trip, and its 235 horse power and heftier weight means more time with a flight instructor.  So far, so great, Val reports.  She hopes to have her endorsement for the 182 within the month.

As her daughter always reminds her,  the sky’s the limit. She’ll report in from the trip when she can.  The amazing thing is she can’t stop smiling, except of course, when she’s sitting in the left seat (in this picture) and then she’s all business.


Women In Aviation Conference – March 22 – 26

The Marin 99s were well represented at the WAI conference in March by
Marielle Coeytaux, Diane Root and Sue Royce.   There were over 3,200 people
in attendance.  WAI awarded $695,500 in scholarships this year, bringing
their total to $11,495,581 since 1995!!

Marin 99s held Annual Meeting on March 17, 2018

Present at our Annual Meeting were:  Sue Royce, Val Westen, Cindy Pickett, Barbara O’Grady, Gretchen Kah (and her friend Kim), Diane Root, Maddie
Schwarz, Marg Boyle, Karen Kalua, Marielle Coeytaux and Vicki Martinez.
Members re-elected Sue Royce as Chair, Cindy Pickett as Treasurer, Meaghan
Bertram as Secretary and Val Westen as Vice Chair.  Cindy reported on
scholarship and financial status.  We were able to raise over $3,700 from
the Holiday Dinner silent auction, Paella Dinner at Gretchen’s home and the
Valentine’s Day Party at Vicki Martinez and Peter Gruhl’s home.  A BIG
THANKS to Gretchen and Vicki for hosting these parties!!  The funds raised
are being applied to our scholarship program of ‘Check for the Checkride’.
This year we are giving away two $500 scholarships for a 99 taking her check
ride within 99 miles of DVO.

Upcoming Events:
4/27 – 4/29 – Southwest Section Conference in Bakersfield
5/19 – Next Marin 99s meeting – Sue’s hangar
6/15 – 6/17 – AOPA fly-in
7/3 – 7/8 – Ninety-Nines International Conference – Phly
12/8 – Marin 99s/GFCA/EAA Holiday Party

DVO Gardening!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Maddie Schwarz, Cindy Pickett, Vicki Martinez and Karen Kalua for volunteering to do garden clean up at Gnoss Field last Saturday. You all worked so hard.  Here are before and after photos.  What an improvement!!

Thanks again!


Sutter Buttes 99’s – 2018 scholarship

The Sutter Buttes chapter of 99s is offering a scholarship in 2018 to any 99 belonging to a chapter within 99 air miles of Yuba City, California $1,500 will be awarded to the winning applicant to be used toward a certificate or rating.

To be eligible, the following is required:

  • You must have been a 99 for at least one year from 12/31/16
  • You must have completed at least 5 hours toward the rating requested
  • You must have 25 hours flight time within the last 6 months

The Application Package Consists of the Following:

  1. Official Application Form
  2. Copies of licenses and medical certificates
  3. Copy of logbook entries showing minimum 5 hours instruction toward requested rating and 25 hours of flight time within last 6 months
  1. One page, double-spaced, typed personal essay addressing the following questions:
  • List your ratings, certificates, experience in aviation
  • What are your aviation goals and what are you currently doing to achieve these objectives?
  • What is your financial need and how have you financed your flying?
  • How would you use your new rating to give back to the 99s and/or your community?
  1. Two maximum 1-page Letters of Recommendation—one from a flight instructor who has flown with you and another from a non-relative who knows you well

Finalists may be interviewed by a committee including at least one non-99 from local aviation Community; financial need will be considered in the selection of the recipient; you do not need to be pursuing a career in aviation, but must justify the use of the rating/certificate you are pursuing; award money will be paid directly to flight school/instructor upon receipt of invoice from instructor and must be used within the 12 months following notification of award.

Send Applications to Carol Andrews, 13760 Laurel Hill Loop, Penn Valley CA 95946 postmarked by APRIL 10, 2018.

Selection of Recipient will be announced by May 10, 2018

For further information:

Carol Andrews (530) 432-2827   email: