Bay Cities 99s joins the Marin 99s for meeting on April 16, 2022

Our Marin 99s welcomed the Bay Cities 99s at our recent meeting. In spite of the inclement weather (often referred to IFR) we had a great group of women pilots who drove in. Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to attend, so hopefully the next time we will have a full hangar. Rick Beach was our guest speaker, presenting his Power Point presentation on Gnoss Field and general aviation as a valuable asset to our communities. We bid farewell to Dianna Wilusz as she and her partner, Lisa Lewis, head to Florida for a new adventure in life. We will miss them both. Happy trails to our aviatrices!

See you all at our next meeting on May 21!! Have a great and safe month!!

Rick Beach giving his presentation regarding Gnoss Field with the Marin 99s and Bay Cities 99s.
Dianna up in her Cherokee 180 on April 17, 2022
Beautiful day for Dianna to be flying over our Golden Gate Bridge!

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