Barriers to Completing Flight Training

from Max Trescott on General Aviation…

Female Student Pilots – Barriers to Completing Flight Training

Lots of statistics, but an interesting read, nonetheless. Nothing you didn’t already know. It would be nice to see a newer, more comprehensive survey. Many of us replied to the study commissioned by AOPA and are awaiting those results.

some representative samples of the comments:

“I had three instructors. The first left to get more commercial experience. The second was unprepared and disorganized for each flight when I thought my training was never going to end I thought about stopping. My third instructor was wonderful—organized, friendly with great communication skills.”

“Always felt as if my instructor (primary) was continuously challenging me – if I had problems with something he was willing to work on ways to overcome them – He challenged me, but did not overwhelm and recognized how hard to push and when to ease up and keep it fun.”

“Supportive instructors who are knowledgeable are the most important. After my private I had 2 really bad instructors, one for a BFR and one for a complex aircraft checkout. If I’d been a student pilot I probably wouldn’t have recognized that they were bad.”

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