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Carolyn and Fred Patterson had two of their restoration projects rolled out in the sunshine for all to oogle. Admiral Bird’s Pilgrim which Fred had dug out of the jungle of Mexico and a Bellanca plucked out of the tundra of Alaska are on their way to being beauties again. Carolyn and Fred’s work is an exquisite labor of love. 
Old business revolved around upcoming fly outs. Be sure to check the schedule and make room in your calendar for all the fun. This Sat., March 26th will be our fly out to Stockton. Following the theme for the year of small town CA, we will be taking a walking tour of the historical district and visiting the Haggen Museum. Last month’s fly out to Fresno was such a success, we’re on a roll. 

New Business: Our ever perennial challenge in general aviation is to motivate and inspire young people and people curious about flying. Aviation does so much more than just launching planes into the blue. The service to the public, to business, to the tax base and to building blocks for aviation careers begin amongst the grass roots of our local airports. There are always so many excuses to shelve the curiosity or (gasp) close an airport. Cloverdale is the latest victim of local growth vs airport battles. We are the ambassadors who can touch young soles with the magic of aviation. Reach out, whenever you can, to share your enthusiasm and love of flight.  Mangon Aircraft at Petaluma Airport are in the process of leasing a large hanger for events and teaching opportunities. They have asked us to put on a Flying Companion Seminar when the conference site is completed. It will be a great inauguration of their efforts and support for the flying community.  Thur. March 31st Sue Royce, Barbara O’Grady and Cindy Pickett will be interviewed on live radio, KWMR Pt. Reyes Station, 90.5 about women in aviation, our history of flying and all that aviation does for the County. Susan Santiago will be leading the discussion at 10:00. Be sure to listen in if you can. If there’s any point you’d like us to make, give us a call or e-mail. 

Display days, the 3rd Sat of every month, are starting up at O69. We have a table with information, advice, encouragement, warm smiles and cold water. It doesn’t take all day and will leave you more inspired than ever to share the love.  Wed. April 20th is California Aviation Day at the State Capitol from 11:00-2:00. The mission of the day is to inform legislators, staff and the general public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the CA economy and to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of aviation to all Californians. Sue Royce, Valeria Westen and Barbara O’Grady will be going as our Madam Ambassadors. If you’re interested in going please give Sue a call.  Don and I will be migrating to our Moab, UT home, April 3rd, for three months. If ever anyone needs some time in the air to see the beautiful west please come out and visit. We have lots of room for friends to stay with us. I’ll miss our fly outs and look forward to the write ups. See you in July. Cindy Pickett

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