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Marin 99’s tour the bay in the Beaver

Marin 99s take another seaplane flight in the Beaver thanks to Alyssa Abbey.
After the flight, we all enjoyed a fun-filled dinner and evening at Sue’s
house.  Super fun time!!



Marin 99s Upcoming Calendar

July 22-28 –         EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh

July 27 –              Meeting cancelled

August 3 –           Orbis International Flying Eye Hospital – Tour at Oakland Airport

August 4 –           Novato Space Station Festival in Novato.  

Contact Angie Hutchins at if you want to volunteer.

August 17 –         Introductory DART training Session.  

For more info  on DART contact Marielle Coeytaux at

August 24 –         Next Marin 99s meeting

10 a.m. until 12 noon, Sue’s hangar/B101 – Gnoss Field

Sept. 21 –            EAA / Young Eagles day.  If you can volunteer as a pilot or just help out with event contact Ken Mercer at

October 3-6 –     Register for SWS Conference in San Luis Obispo.  For more info go to

October 19 –      Marin 99s meeting

October 26 –      Bay Area DART exercise

Dec. 7 –               GFCA / Marin 99s / EAA Holiday Party

Marin 99’s supports STEM program

Marin 99s is supporting the STEM – Pegasus program at San Marin High where the seniors are building an RV-12.   We contributed $1,000 towards the program and also took some of the seniors flying at the end of the school year.  Val Westen and Sue Royce enjoyed taking the girls up for a flight around the Bay Area.   For more information about the STEM – Pegasus program, check out their website at

Alyssa Abbey passed her check ride!!

On April 26, 2019, Alyssa Abbey passed her check ride!!

“Hi everyone! Yesterday I passed my check ride and at last I’m a qualified private pilot. I feel so relieved and happy, and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a DPE to travel to Lincoln and go with Ashley Snider. She really put me at ease.  AND – anyone looking for someone to fly right seat/be 2nd pair of eyes/navigator for $100 hamburgers or further afield – I’m very willing :)



SANTA ROSA NINETY-NINES Aviation Scholarship

Purpose:  To provide funding to be used for a specific rating or certification to further the recipient’s pursuit of a career in aviation.

Award Amount:             $3,000

Eligibility:    Any women at least 17 years of age, holding at minimum a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review.  Must reside within 150 miles of the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, be eligible for the rating being applied for (i.e.: number of flight hours required, rating required, medical required), and have completed any written requirements for the rating before funds are dispersed. 

Application Due:                      June 15, 2019

For additional applications see our website at