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DVO Gardening!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Maddie Schwarz, Cindy Pickett, Vicki Martinez and Karen Kalua for volunteering to do garden clean up at Gnoss Field last Saturday. You all worked so hard.  Here are before and after photos.  What an improvement!!

Thanks again!


Sutter Buttes 99’s – 2018 scholarship

The Sutter Buttes chapter of 99s is offering a scholarship in 2018 to any 99 belonging to a chapter within 99 air miles of Yuba City, California $1,500 will be awarded to the winning applicant to be used toward a certificate or rating.

To be eligible, the following is required:

  • You must have been a 99 for at least one year from 12/31/16
  • You must have completed at least 5 hours toward the rating requested
  • You must have 25 hours flight time within the last 6 months

The Application Package Consists of the Following:

  1. Official Application Form
  2. Copies of licenses and medical certificates
  3. Copy of logbook entries showing minimum 5 hours instruction toward requested rating and 25 hours of flight time within last 6 months
  1. One page, double-spaced, typed personal essay addressing the following questions:
  • List your ratings, certificates, experience in aviation
  • What are your aviation goals and what are you currently doing to achieve these objectives?
  • What is your financial need and how have you financed your flying?
  • How would you use your new rating to give back to the 99s and/or your community?
  1. Two maximum 1-page Letters of Recommendation—one from a flight instructor who has flown with you and another from a non-relative who knows you well

Finalists may be interviewed by a committee including at least one non-99 from local aviation Community; financial need will be considered in the selection of the recipient; you do not need to be pursuing a career in aviation, but must justify the use of the rating/certificate you are pursuing; award money will be paid directly to flight school/instructor upon receipt of invoice from instructor and must be used within the 12 months following notification of award.

Send Applications to Carol Andrews, 13760 Laurel Hill Loop, Penn Valley CA 95946 postmarked by APRIL 10, 2018.

Selection of Recipient will be announced by May 10, 2018

For further information:

Carol Andrews (530) 432-2827   email:


SANTA ROSA NINETY-NINES – Aviation Scholarship

Purpose:  To provide funding to be used for a specific rating or certification to further the recipient’s pursuit of a career in aviation.

Award Amount:             $3,000

Eligibility:     Any women at least 17 years of age, holding at minimum a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review.  Must reside within 15 miles of the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, be eligible for the rating being applied for (i.e.: number of flight hours required, rating required, medical required), and have completed any written requirements for the rating before funds are dispersed.
Application Due:                      May 1, 2018

For additional applications see our website at

Marin 99s supporting Young Eagle Program with EAA

What gives Sue Royce the most joy in life is taking young girls up flying in her Cherokee, especially Maddie Schwarz of Tam High and Petra O’Brien of Drake High. They are both “flying” through the Sporty’s Private Pilot Ground School offered by the Young Eagles program and will be starting their flying lessons very soon.  I do believe we have two future airline pilots in the making.

Marin 99s meet on January 20, discuss scholarships and the Women’s March

At our meeting on 1/26/18, we decided to rename our scholarship to “Check for the

Check Ride” scholarship, formerly the “Wing Up” scholarship.  We also

discussed the power of women and how supporting one another parlays across

society, especially as we support one another in aviation.

Mark your calendars:

March 14 –    CA Aerospace & Aviation Day at the Capitol, Sacramento

March 17 –    Next Marin 99s meeting at Sue’s hangar

April 26-29    SWS 99s Spring 2018 meeting in Bakersfield

July 3-7        99s International Conference, Philadelphia, PA

Congratulations and Good Luck to Emily Stednitz, our 2017 recipient of the Marin 99s “Wing Up” scholarship

This May 2018, Emily will graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  She has accepted a full-time offer from Boeing, where she will work as a Flight Test Engineer. This role takes her to Boeing Field (KBFI) near Seattle where she will be developing test procedures and participating in test flights onboard experimental aircraft such as 737s.  As a private pilot, she is beyond excited for this opportunity to spend every day at the airport, immersed in all things aviation. She is looking forward to coming back and sharing her experiences with our Marin 99s.

Best wishes Emily!!

Tam High Student Reaches out to Marin 99s

Maddie Schwartz, age 16, contacted Sue Royce recently to find out how she could become a pilot.  Well, Sue took Maddie flying in her Cherokee and the rest is history.  In one week‘s time, she has signed up for Barbara O’Grady’s ground school, is studying flight material, has a San Francisco VFR sectional, a plotter and has hit the ground running.  She is very excited to become a licensed pilot and eventually get her ATP.  Maddie is a sophomore at Tam High in Mill Valley.