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Alyssa Abbey passed her check ride!!

On April 26, 2019, Alyssa Abbey passed her check ride!!

“Hi everyone! Yesterday I passed my check ride and at last I’m a qualified private pilot. I feel so relieved and happy, and I’d recommend to anyone looking for a DPE to travel to Lincoln and go with Ashley Snider. She really put me at ease.  AND – anyone looking for someone to fly right seat/be 2nd pair of eyes/navigator for $100 hamburgers or further afield – I’m very willing :)



SANTA ROSA NINETY-NINES Aviation Scholarship

Purpose:  To provide funding to be used for a specific rating or certification to further the recipient’s pursuit of a career in aviation.

Award Amount:             $3,000

Eligibility:    Any women at least 17 years of age, holding at minimum a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review.  Must reside within 150 miles of the Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County Airport, be eligible for the rating being applied for (i.e.: number of flight hours required, rating required, medical required), and have completed any written requirements for the rating before funds are dispersed. 

Application Due:                      June 15, 2019

For additional applications see our website at

Girl Scout Aviation Badge Day at Gnoss Field

Marin 99s has another Girl Scout Aviation Badge Day at Gnoss Field.  Barbara O’Grady does a wonderful job explaining the principals of aerodynamics, flight sectional, parts of an airplane, traffic patterns and more to a local Mill Valley Girl Scout troop on March 30.   We hope we have planted the aviation seed in these young ladies.     

Marin 99s meet on March 23 for Annual Meeting

We had 12 aviatrices in attendance to re-elect Sue Royce as Chair, Val Westen as Vice Chair, Cindy Pickett as Treasurer and Meaghan Bertram as Secretary.  Cindy gave us a treasurer’s report and suggested we donate some of our funds to a worthy local recipient. It was suggested, voted and approved to donate $1,000 to the STEM Marin/Pegasus project, where Gnoss Field Community Association is sponsoring the construction of an RV 12 with the seniors at San Marin High School.  

We discussed our upcoming Girl Scout Badge Class scheduled for March 30.
Barbara O’Grady and Sue Royce will be holding the class at the Civil Air
Patrol room at Gnoss from 10 a.m. – noon with lunch following.  This will be our third Girl Scout Badge class in the last year, where we cover aerodynamics, parts of an airplane, understanding a flight sectional and do
a pre-flight on Sue’s Cherokee 180.  We then take them up on the Observation Deck at Gnoss where we review the runways, taxiways, airport traffic patterns and radio calls.  

The Southwest Section Spring meeting will be held on April 4 – 7.  Sue Royce will be there to represent our Marin Chapter. Diane Root and Micki Jones represented our chapter at the Women in Aviation conference in Long Beach last week and gave us a full report on events/speakers.  

Several of our Marin 99s will be volunteering for upcoming EAA/Young Eagle fly days scheduled for April 20 and May 18. 

In photo from left:  Barbara O’Grady, Rita Merker, Vicki Martinez, Val Westen, Diane Root, Marielle Coeytaux, Micki Jones, Sue Sarmir, Margy Boyle, Gretchen Kah, Cindy Pickett and Sue Royce

Annual Holiday Potluck

It’s that time again!

Don’t forget, our annual Holiday Potluck is tomorrow (December 8) from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Scanlon Aviation hangar. EAA chapter 1232 is providing the turkey(s) this year, GFCA is providing the entertainment, Sue Royce is providing the wine and Ken Mercer is providing the beer and soft drinks. Check the invitation, below, for your potluck assignment.

This is always a fun event, and this year the entertainment will be provided by Ukelele Family Ohana (UFO), a group of native Hawaiians and Marinites with the sounds (and dances) of the islands. Wear your Island attire!