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November Eight Zero Triple Three; Postcards From Death Valley – Marielle’s Flight to Furnace Creek

My pilot friend Marielle Coeytaux took me on an aviation adventure From Petaluma, California (O69) to Furnace Creek, Death Valley, California (L06) in her Cessna 172 Skyhawk. It takes a lot of weather, airspace, and fuel planning to visit this place, but it’s well worth it. Great pilotage by an experienced flyer. A wonderful opportunity to do some aerial photography!

Peter Thoshinsky

Music courtesy Lobo Loco , M33 Products, and Alextree.

Two Marin 99s miss meeting . . . flying in other places is a good excuse.

Cindy Pickett, pilot extraordinaire, is flying through canyons and down waterfalls in Hawaii.
Marielle Coeytaux sent us this photo after she landed at Furnace Creek, Death Valley, yesterday.
Good time to visit, Marielle. Looks like it was only 79 degrees F.

Marin 99s meet today with special guest, 8th grader Annabelle Beck! read more . . .

Today’s meeting was as usual, tons of fun. As Dianne Wilusz got out of her car in the parking lot, she could hear the happy (and loud) conversation from our lady pilots catching up on their latest escapades in my hangar. In attendance, Barbara O’Grady, Val Westen, Dianne Wilusz, Margy Boyle, Vicky Martinez, Sue Samir, Gretchen Kah, Alyssa Abbey, Annabelle Beck and her mom, Marla Beck, Amanda Gaines, Rebecca Oppedisano, and Sue Royce (on the left).

Annabelle is working on an 8th grade project, topic is becoming a Private Pilot. We wanted to take her under our wing and support her as much as we could. The Marin 99s, with the help of an anonymous donor, will cover the costs of Annabelle doing an introductory flight with our flight instructor extraordinaire, Rebecca Oppedisano, in a Cirrus SR 20.

Marin 99s meet on January 15. Next meeting on February 19 . . .

at Sue’s hangar at Gnoss Field, 10 a.m. – noon. Let’s hope the COVID situation has calmed down by then and we can meet inside my hangar instead of having to talk over the departing aircraft on the field!!

Our meeting on January 15 was lots of fun, and again, thank you Rick for your generous donation. In attendance was Rebecca, Gretchen, Micki, Sue, Alyssa, Margy, Sue S., and Cindy. Rebecca Oppedisano is a new CFI, CFII with Scanlon Aviation. Welcome to Gnoss and to the Marin 99s, Rebecca!! It was also great to have Micki Jones in attendance, as she is back and forth from East Coast to West Coast. Glad it worked out this month. Let’s not forget how great it was to have our pilot extraordinaire and canyoneer, Cindy Pickett, who now spends half the year rappelling through canyons in Moab.

We will have several new lady pilots in attendance in February, so don’t miss it. We are so lucky to have each other. Hope to see you all in February.



Thank you, Rick Beach, for your fabulous donation to the Marin 99s!!

Rick Beach, PhD in computer science, Cirrus Owners Pilot Assn. (COPA) Aviation Safety Chair, COPA University Dean of College of Aviation Safety, Treasurer of Gnoss Field Community Association, and most importantly a wonderful friend of the Marin 99s, donated $2,500 to our Chapter. Thank you Rick!!!!