Spring Meetings

May 8th, a beautiful evening up at Kitty Houghton’s home. It was such a full day for the flyers. Earlier in the day PAPA had sponsored a poker run out into the San Joaquin Valley. These vague, wide expanses had people struggling to find the runways and then dueling the cross winds on landing.

Speaking of x-winds… upon arrival at O69 folks competed for a spot landing contest right out in front of the PAPA hanger. Any- one who has been flying out of O69 this spring has had the rude and wild experience of short final to land. It seems, with the construction of 2 big hangers right near the touch down zone of 29, winds from the west can really whistle through the alleys and make for creative flaring attitudes. Word to the wise… if westerly cross winds are gusting >10kts, land a little long. It saves the embarrassment of a bucking bronco landing.

Beth Behrens, Kitty Houghton, Cathy Morshead, Barbara O’Grady, Nina Ortega, Pat Pittelkow, Michele Scott, Ann Stitt, Valerie Taylor, Anne Woods, Cindy Pickett and family and friends made for a rowdy group. As we all convened there were lots of stories and memories of a fun day. Food of course, was abundant and delicious. We never go hungry. The star of the evening was the short documentary that Kitty and Bob Hemstock created about Nepalese women pilots. It’s so inspiring listening to these women’s stories. Kitty is looking for sponsors of the 12 pilots. They cannot get their rupees out of Nepal and therefore don’t have the money to join the 99s. I already have a great pen pal who I enjoy sharing stories with. If you would like to help sponsor one of our fellow pilots give Kitty a call.

The business part of the meeting dealt with elections and the WOW event. Our new Chairperson will be Kitty, Vice Chair; Nina Ortega, Treasurer; Carolyn Patterson and Secretary; Pat Pittlekow. As you can see already Kitty has stepped up to the plate on the e-mails. I’m to remain as newsletter editor/reporter/ and embellisher. As always I appreciate any bit of news you can throw me.

Dues are due!!!

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  1. 1 Mike Schukert March 11, 2012 at 4:45 am

    Ms. Pickett;

    I am preparing an online listing of flight training scholarships and would like to include your 99s chapter’s “Wing Up” award. Your e-mail address and telephone number would be listed as the point of contact? If you have no reservations about doing so, would you please provide this information?

    Thank you!

    M. A. (Mike) Schukert, Ph.D.

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