Honoring Women AirForce Service Pilots (WASPs)

The Aero Club of Northern California will be hosting a summer luncheon
honoring Women AirForce Service Pilots next Thursday Aug 26th.

Please feel free to pass along this invitation to family, friends and
colleagues. All are welcome!

WASP Luncheon

Thursday August 26,: 11:30 – 1:30pm.
Michael’s Shoreline, Mt. View
2960 N. Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043

Here is the list of SFBA WASP we have identified:

  • WASP Alice “AJ” Starr – Moraga, CA
  • WASP Barbara Erickson London – San Jose, CA
  • WASP Violet Wierzbicki – Santa Cruz, CA
  • WASP Florence Wheeler – Santa Rosa, CA
  • WASP Eleanor Wortz – Los Altos, CA
  • WASP Jean Bowney Harman
  • WASP Maggie Gee – Berkeley, CA – Children’s Book
  • WASP Barbara Squire – San Jose, CA
  • WASP Marcella Tucker – San Jose, CA

As you can imagine the Aero Club will be working hard to make sure
this is a memorable, appropriate and celebratory event.

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  1. 1 Victoria Jones December 12, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    I would like to thank the women who so bravely helped our country in a time of war. I just recently learned about them from my Women’s History class and it brought tears to my eyes to hear how much they contributed & waited so painstackingly long to even be recognized let alone honored for their efforts. I put 2+2 together after my history class & my father’s (flight examiner for the FAA) stories of the 99s; these amazing women who would come to his seminars.

    I know that I speak for my class as well as my fantastic Professor Ms. Williams when I say, “Thank You Ladies!!!”

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