2011 Flying Activity Calendar


Feb. 19 (Sat.) – Tour de Tower- How many times have you flown over Travis or been ‘on’ with them and wondered “What goes on down there?” Now is our chance to learn about military ops. Call Cindy to car pool over.

Feb. 24-26-

March 19– Marin County 99s Winter meeting, Cindy’s hanger, O69, 9:00am. Brunch!

March 25-27
San Luis Obispo/ Avilla. These towns are the hidden gems of the CA coast. SLO has a restaurant on field for the day trippers. For those needing some sun and sand, Avilla and Port San Luis will be our destination. Sycamore Mineral Hot Springs nearby!

April 15-17
Camarillo, Ventura and Ojai- One more beach town before the summer fog rolls in. No glitz or hub bub; just lots of fun.

April 29-May1– Southwest Section Meeting, San Diego (Montgomery Field)

Siskiyou County/ Ashland- Join Nina Ortega and Len Ball at their get away retreat. River rafting, Shakespeare plays in nearby Ashland, fishing, hiking. Too much fun! Call Nina for details

June 17-19
Bishop- Another trip to the high country to celebrate the start of summer. After the heavy snows of winter the wild flowers should be gorgeous. Great mountain flying!

July 3-5
Our 4th of July outing is a little closer to home. Nevada City has a huge, musical Pops performance, parade, picnic potential and boating on a nearby lake. The accommodations are great! (Julia and Mark’s)

July 24-30
OSHKOSH by gosh! The big trip! As Joe says you gotta land at Oshkosh during the migration for the full affect. We have rented a house in town for the week for those that want a bed and shower. Others may want to camp at the event. This is ‘Mecca’ for the aviation world.

July30-Aug2– Smiley Creek, Idaho- After the crowds of Oshkosh the tranquility of the Sawtooth Mountains will be a delight. Smiley Creek is the most beautiful grass strip on the planet. You camp right next to your plane, hot showers and heated bathrooms or rooms, teepees across the road. Hot springs are near by, a free car to borrow and spectacular
scenery. Hiking, biking galore!!!

Sept. 3-5
Chester, Labor Day on Lake Almanor. We’ve only dipped our toes into Chester and now it’s time to get serious about exploring. Will rent a home for relaxation, hanging out. Hiking in Lassen National Park is nearby, paddling, pedaling and lots of fun.

Oct. 20-23-

Nov. 4-6
Mariposa and the gateway to Yosemite. When the light is the most golden, the crowds are gone and the most awe inspiring scenery in the world.

As always, please call Cindy for details, reservations, transportation. If wx issues are iffy, call Cindy the night before or the morning of. Even though these seem like big trips, think of them as a bunch of take offs and landings.

Women in Aviation Conference, Reno, NV http://www.wai.org or (937) 839-4647

Durango, CO- Southwest and South Central Section meeting. The Wild West!

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