Winter Wonderings

It’s nice to be back at this end of the pen/ mouse. Since last summer our little troop has been on ‘pause’. Not that word worthy things hasn’t happened. Rather it was a sabbatical I needed to recover, recollect and imagine a way forward for all of us. Our gathering Feb. 3rd reinforced how very important you are. Laura Grooves, Pat Pittelkow, Carolyn Patterson, Susan Royce, Kris Winter, Nysa Kline and I enjoyed a pre-game (Super Bowl) lunch and just being together discussing how we can look in the future.

Jan 26th the Southwest Section meeting in Redding was all about pushing up the sleeves and figuring out the challenges and problems of our union. The theme was CPR for the ailing chapter. The agenda seemed like it was speaking just to our needs. But after arriving and all the chit-chatting it became clear that we are not the only ones in this predicament. In fact I would say the majority of chapters are reeling from lack of leadership and enthusiasm in the ranks. Yet we all want to ‘belong’ to support the unity of women in aviation.

In our helter skelter life styles there is little time and interest remaining to assume another role of responsibility. We all love e-mail, texting, voice messaging. Why??? To me the quality of a relationship benefits from an open ended phone exchange or even better, time together. It’s almost as if we are insulating ourselves as some sort of protection. Am I alone in this lament? The message out there in our cyber world is; get over those old values, move on and get more production, quantity to our day.

Long ago one of my revelations, those moments pondering the universe, was to remain open to love and trust, let the beauty of belonging remain a priority. I am not a loner; my communities are my foundations in life. You are just too important to me to walk away from. I don’t leave when the tide is out. I sail at the top of the game.

With respect to you all ‘too busy women’, we can make this, do this, run it anyway we want, desire or design. My previous burn out was churning out monthly newsletters when no news was generated. Our correspondence may go down to quarterly greetings. When a mission is in the tube you’ll be getting lots more info. When you have an aviation moment let others know. Copy the Marin 99s address column or web site (thanks Val!) and shout out. Even if you only went to the airport and washed a plane, threw yourself at the runway a few times, attended another aviation group’s meeting, share the goods!

So here is the short list of what came out of our Feb. 3rd meeting:

  1. Meet at a common area, like Gnoss terminal or Petaluma’s. That way no one has to clean house.
  2. Have some sort of listen and learn at our meetings. I’d like to start with a tutorial on I-Pads in the cockpit. Kristin Winter will give the tutorial at our next meeting April 7th.
  3. Attend the PAPA or GFCA meetings. Wear your 99s badge. We may inspire the men to send their wives our way.
  4. Carolyn and Pat both need a break. I need 2 people to take over for them. The treasurer’s job takes about 10 hours a year. Secretary’s responsibilities are 4 hours /year. No more indefinite terms, you can re-up or retire every 2 years. Please call me. Thanks!

Okay that’s the short list. I’ll try to return to it and up date in each correspondence.

The elephant in the room is still the vote taken last June to dissolve our chapter. I would like to carry the chair one more year to see if our boat will float. I’m the proverbial dog with a bone… don’t want to let go. Just like all relationships there’s high points and low points. Loosing Kitty has reminded me how very precious our group is. We can reinvent, and rise stronger than ever. You’re worth it. Our history deserves it and I’m back! –Cindy Pickett

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  1. 1 Andi February 19, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    I’m a student pilot from NY now living in the Tahoe area, but I frequent Marin/SF often as a friend of mine lives there, do you gals hold monthly meetings that I could pop into if I was ever in the Bay area when you are holding one? Would love to speak to as many 99 members as possible and form a bond!!
    -Andi Paradis

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