Intro flight for Dream to Fly Scholarship Winner!

On Aug. 18th, our Dream to Fly Scholarship winner and Future Woman Pilot, Micheala Bagley had her introduction flight and dipped her wings into the world of aviation. Pat Scanlon and CFI Hannah Lounsbury spent a good hour on orientation and welcoming her to their flight school. Lucky her! She gets to fly their new RV12, a very cool way to begin flying. (I remember the dreadful hours spent in the C-150 that leaked oil like a sieve). Micheala will also be taking Ground School instruction with Barbara O’Grady at Santa Rosa Junior College. Wish her the best! 


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  1. 1 August 21, 2015 at 11:58 am

    That’s fantastic news! Can I put this in the EAA/GFCA newsletter, too?


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