Luncheon March 12 featuring Jeane Slone, author of “She Flew Bombers” and Anabel Barahal, former WASP

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) held a sold-out luncheon on March 12 honoring the WASPS and also featured Jeane Slone, author of the book “She Flew Bombers.” The AAUW was excited to have several women pilots in attendance, especially former WASP, Anabel Barahal. In the early 1940’s, Anabel ferried Piper Cubs for the Civil Air Patrol in Michigan and also flew numerous reconnaissance flights during the war. Shown in the top photo from the right, Rhonda Nilsson, Jan McConnell from the Santa Rosa 99s, Anabel Barahal, former WASP, Karen Kalua and Sue Royce, both with the Marin 99s. Second photo is of Jeane Slone, Author of “She Flew Bombers.”



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