Marin 99s has Annual Meeting on March 25, 2017

Present at our Annual Meeting were: Sue Royce, Cindy Pickett, Val Westen, Gretchen Kah, Alyssa Abbey, Rhonda Nilsson, Sandy Brown and guests Emily Stednitz with friend Nader Moussa. Members re-elected Sue Royce as Chair, Cindy Pickett as Treasurer, Meaghan Bertram as Secretary and newly elected Val Westen to replace Carolyn Walker-Davis as Vice Chair. Emily Stednitz was presented her Check Ride Scholarship by the Marin County Chapter of the 99s (photo below), and shared with us her experience with the check ride. Congratulations again, Emily!! 

Business and future activities: 

April 22 – Fly-in to HAF. Alternate: AUN

April 27 – 30 – Southwest Section 99s Spring 2017 Meeting hosted by the Bay Cities Chapter. For more information:

May 13 – GFCA breakfast – Marin Chapter of the 99s to give a brief talk about the history and mission of the Ninety-Nines.

July 11 – 16 – Ninety-Nines International Conference in San Antonio, TX

July ? – Fly-in / campout – possibly Columbia – more to follow from Gretchen Kah.

Meeting adjourned at 12 noon.

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