Marin 99s held Annual Meeting on March 17, 2018

Present at our Annual Meeting were:  Sue Royce, Val Westen, Cindy Pickett, Barbara O’Grady, Gretchen Kah (and her friend Kim), Diane Root, Maddie
Schwarz, Marg Boyle, Karen Kalua, Marielle Coeytaux and Vicki Martinez.
Members re-elected Sue Royce as Chair, Cindy Pickett as Treasurer, Meaghan
Bertram as Secretary and Val Westen as Vice Chair.  Cindy reported on
scholarship and financial status.  We were able to raise over $3,700 from
the Holiday Dinner silent auction, Paella Dinner at Gretchen’s home and the
Valentine’s Day Party at Vicki Martinez and Peter Gruhl’s home.  A BIG
THANKS to Gretchen and Vicki for hosting these parties!!  The funds raised
are being applied to our scholarship program of ‘Check for the Checkride’.
This year we are giving away two $500 scholarships for a 99 taking her check
ride within 99 miles of DVO.

Upcoming Events:
4/27 – 4/29 – Southwest Section Conference in Bakersfield
5/19 – Next Marin 99s meeting – Sue’s hangar
6/15 – 6/17 – AOPA fly-in
7/3 – 7/8 – Ninety-Nines International Conference – Phly
12/8 – Marin 99s/GFCA/EAA Holiday Party

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