Re-cap of June 5th Marin 99’s Meeting

June 5 Marin 99s meeting was attended by Diane Root, Karen Kalua, Alyssa
Abbey, Sue Royce, Marielle Coeytaux, Val Westen, Heather Davis, Vicki
Martinez and Barbara O’Grady.  Great food and conversation!  Val and
Marielle reported on the SWS Ninety-Nines Spring Session in Bakersfield.
Cindy Pickett will represent our Marin 99s Chapter in Philadelphia, PA at
the International Conference.  We scheduled the following upcoming events:

July 21 – Columbia fly-in – lunch in town.
August 11 – BBQ fundraiser at Vicki Martinez and Peter Gruhl’s house.
Details to follow.
September 5 – Seaplane flight at Sausalito Seaplane Adventures.  Contact
Sue Royce to RSVP.  Space limited.
September 22 – Marin 99s meeting to be held at Space Station Museum in
December 8 – Marin 99s, GFCA, EAA joint Holiday Party at Scanlon Aviation


June 5, 2018 Meeting of Marin 99’s

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