Girl Scouts are back!!

On October 16 we had Petaluma Girl Scout Troop 10052, 4th Grade Juniors, learning aviation basics to earn their Girl Scout Aviation Badges. Big thanks to Barbara O’Grady for teaching the class, Rick Beach for setting up the audio, Rebecca Oppendiasano, new flight instructor at Gnoss to share her flight training experience with the girls, and Dianna Wilusz and Sue Samir helping with set up. Hopefully we planted a few aviation seeds in their little brains. The girls were very engaged and asked great questions! Was lots of fun showing off our airport to the group, especially when our Red Tails vintage aircraft took off for formation flying.

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  1. 1 clpickett October 17, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    What a wonderful experience for those kids! You’re the best ever!!! Cp


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