Responses to “flying high” photo request:

Margy Boyle sent us a few of her more artistic photos from the air to share:


Gretchen Kah sent us the following amazing photos while flying tandem in 206 amphibious float plane and 185 bush plane:

Gretchen on approach to KHAF on November 21, 2021
Gretchen flying to KHAF tandem in 206 amphibious float plane and 185 bush plane (how fun that must have been!!)
More from Gretchen’s tandem flight
Gretchen over our beautiful Golden Gate!!
Our City by the Bay on a perfect day!!


Maddy Schwarz, our Tam High grad who joined our group 3 years ago, now has her PP, Instrument and CFI from Southern Utah University. Per her mom, Maddy is two in her class and dispatching right now. “She has really come out of her shell. I love hearing her on the radio” says Deb Schwarz.

Maddy after earning her CFI certificate. Way to go, Maddy!! We are SO PROUD OF YOU!!!


Cindy Pickett is flying high, but in canyons in Moab, Utah. You are truly our adventure diva, Cindy!!

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  1. 1 Barbara O’Grady November 30, 2021 at 8:17 pm

    Amazing pictures, ladies.

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