Marin 99s meet today with special guest, 8th grader Annabelle Beck! read more . . .

Today’s meeting was as usual, tons of fun. As Dianne Wilusz got out of her car in the parking lot, she could hear the happy (and loud) conversation from our lady pilots catching up on their latest escapades in my hangar. In attendance, Barbara O’Grady, Val Westen, Dianne Wilusz, Margy Boyle, Vicky Martinez, Sue Samir, Gretchen Kah, Alyssa Abbey, Annabelle Beck and her mom, Marla Beck, Amanda Gaines, Rebecca Oppedisano, and Sue Royce (on the left).

Annabelle is working on an 8th grade project, topic is becoming a Private Pilot. We wanted to take her under our wing and support her as much as we could. The Marin 99s, with the help of an anonymous donor, will cover the costs of Annabelle doing an introductory flight with our flight instructor extraordinaire, Rebecca Oppedisano, in a Cirrus SR 20.

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