Margy Boyle and nephews get 1st Class Tour of Avian Flight Center in Bremerton, WA

The amazing staff at Avian flight Center in Bremerton, Washington held the rapt attention of a two and five year old fledgling pilots for quite some time. First, Breena Smith, who is the hard working AnP, gave us the best tour a fledgling could ever have. She was in the Navy and worked as an aviation mechanic mate with helicopters on supercarriers.

The boys learned how to move the ailerons, elevators, rudder then saw broken cylinders, rods and even weird planes. There were planes that could land on the water, propellers with 3 blades and two blades, planes with wings on the top or the bottom but the plane that had the engine on top was the most fascinating of all. Breena is an amazing teacher who explained difficult concepts the kids were enthralled with. 

Then Michael Gouviea made sure we had headsets and access to a plane to listen to the pilots on the radio doing touch and gos. Everyone reading this knows the best thing a kid could see is the take off and landing. We had the perfect view and the perfect visit.

Thanks Breena, Michael, Bradley and Avian Flight Center!

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