Southwest Section Ninety Nines meeting Sept 29-Oct 2 2022

Thanks to Cindy Pickett (Treasurer)for this report on the meeting, the fun and the SCHOLARSHIPS!

I had the great fortune of attending the SWS meeting ‘Wings Over the Wasatch’ this last fall in Salt Lake City, UT. It was just a 4 hour drive up and over the Wasatch Range from Moab and it seemed like a good idea to catch up with old friends.
        The Ninety Nines have been a huge part of my life for the last 36 years. Most of our domestic vacations, and some international, have been flying to remote places along with other members. They are a wild, intelligent, and a fun gang to be with. And they will be friends into the next lifetime. A number of them have been pack packing partners while climbing Amelia Earhart Peak,  people I’ve dropped in on out of the ‘blue’ and been warmly welcomed, and friends from other countries. We are a vast network making this life a great challenge and wonderful time.
        Besides the business meeting we had tours up in the tower of Salt Lake Int’l, deep in the bowels of ‘Center’ and a private showing of Maverick Top Gun. You know when you’re flying along and talking to ‘Center’? I always imagined them to be the buttoned up military types. (White shirts, skinny ties, short hair and polished shoes) Nah…. These people keeping us out of trouble are all in the beer maker culture. Black shorts, black t-shirts, bushy beards, man buns and tattoos. And of course lots of young tattooed women too. There were lots of opportunities to get out of the conference halls and explore the area. (I found some really lovely hot springs along the shores of Utah lake.) Another really wonderful part of the conference were the Ukrainian  refugees who have been sponsored by the Chair of the Utah 99s. They fled with little more than the shirts on their backs and Salt Lake City has opened their hearts to them.  Such fun, and inspiring people!
        One thing that the 99s do is give money and support to women pilots. And lots of it! There are many scholarships: you need to go online with the SWS section and 99s International to see if any fit your needs. There is the Amelia Earhart Scholarship that is given away to many, The Award of Achievement to people making a difference, for 99s or non 99s, the Putnam award for support to 99s and the Art Phillips Scholarship Fund for the SWS.These are just a few. And they are actively looking for recipients!!!!  So if you have ever entertained tackling another rating or are just starting out, be sure to check out these financial aids.
        Oh and great news for another adventure. The 2023 International Meeting will be in Jordan, Oct.27-Nov 2.  It will be held in Amman, will visit the Dead Sea, Jordan River, Petra and a stay in a Wadi Run desert camp. You can bet this will be glorious! The Winter workshop for the SWS 99s will be in Los Angeles 1-28-2023 with a theme of ‘Wellness for the individual, aviation community and chapter health.’

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