Marin 99s hold Girl Scout Aviation Badge Class for Petaluma Troop

Last Saturday, Barbara O’Grady and Sue Royce held a Girl Scout Aviation Badge Class in Sue’s hangar at Gnoss Field. In attendance were 8 Girl Scouts from Petaluma Troop 11311 who learned about aerodynamics, forces of flight, flight sectionals, the basic instrument panel and much more. It was followed up by a preflight of Sue’s Cherokee 180.  Due to the rainy weather, we were not able to take them up to the Observation Deck, but did stay in Sue’s hangar answering tons of very good questions from the scouts.  Rebecca Oppedisano, Pat Scanlon’s new CFII, talked to the girls about her experience of becoming a pilot. All had a great time. Let’s hope we planted a few aviation seeds in those little brains.

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