GREAT meeting – BEAUTIFUL Marin day

What a great Marin 99s meeting we had on Saturday February 18 2023, full of amazing aviatrices at all levels. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Jessica Burch, who flies a Blackhawk helicopter in the Army National Guard
and does the weather on CBS Bay Area was in attendance with Leigh Coates, who
recently owned the helicopter in the photo here. Leigh is a commercial
helicopter pilot, CFI, Ferry Pilot, airplane pilot and gravity jet suit
pilot. The helicopter is a 2021 BELL 505.

Rebecca Oppedisano, CFI with Scanlon Aviation gave us a tutorial on

We had a couple of new pilots, Alona (just starting) and
Mikayla (around 10 hours in), plus several professional pilots.  Everyone
brought a scrumptious brunch dish to share with the group. Marielle was
able to fly in with her Cessna from Angwin. Diane finally returned from her
3 month honeymoon and joined us. 

What makes meetings  like ours yesterday so special is the networking,
support, sharing of experiences and instant camaraderie we have with each
other. We are so lucky.

To join the Marin County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, go to and choose Marin County Chapter. 

Leigh Coates and Jessica Burch

Sue’s hangar she-shed

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