The Gods Must Be Crazy

Yes the weather gods must be crazy. Since when does Spring wx return to winter patterns? What happened to summer and fall? How will we ever grow tomatoes or have clear fly outs if the jet stream can’t find its way north?

Our Memorial Day weekend in Zion National Park had to be canceled due to a two week forecast that included rain, snow, howling winds and dubious departure conditions. As the organizer of these fly outs it’s the worse call I have to make. Yet it’s easier than canceling the rest of your life because you’re stuck in the outback in bad ass wx with no way of getting home. Kitty had an international trip to make, Beth had to return to her last week of teaching school and I had to be able to get in from the sand storms of Moab. (It rained mud!)

Yes, the wx gods were crazy. Please donate or sacrifice to the alter of the wx gods. Time to spare… go by air.

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