99s Chapter memberships

Our Marin County Chapter is probably one of the least “political” chapters you can find. The main focus in our group is serious flyouts and “partying”, although even that is tame and is usually the relaxing that goes on at the end of the day during a flyout. Our contribution to the social good comes in the form of occasional airmarking, an occasional flying companions seminar, and checkride scholarships.

There are no rules about which chapter you can join. When you leaf through the 99s directory you see a lot of 99s who belong to one chapter but live somewhere else. We would welcome any 99s who wanted to join our group, whether they lived in some other county around the Bay, or someplace else in the U.S. or the world.

There are also alternatives to being in a local chapter. You can be a Member-at-Large, a category that has twenty or so members, or be part of the Ambassador Chapter, which is also made up of people who change addresses or travel a lot. And there is the military online chapter for 99s serving in the military.

The main reason to join a chapter is to have the fun of occasional group activities where you live. The opportunity to network with other 99s in other places is always there, and is one of the pluses of being a 99. Liaison work with the overseas sections is almost entirely by e-mail. E-mail is one of the things that makes it possible for the 99s to be even more cohesive than they were in the old snail mail days.

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