Cindy is back in the saddle

My typing and writing skills are still somewhat slow but I’m raring to put inkjet
to ether again. On June 3rd I had my right hand remodeled; one joint fused, one joint replaced and a ligament rebuilt. Some people remodel kitchens, I overhaul hands. It’s frustrating how quickly one looses dexterity and strength. After being the arm wrestling champ of Black Point I’m now just a spectator. The sad consequence is not being able to fly. So you can only imagine how motivated I am to get this extremity in gear again.

So many of you have been out having fun this summer. Can you please drop me a line and let me know where and the details. There are lots we can learn from one another. Here’s something I just picked up…

When calling for a wx briefing and you have to request, briefer, state and then
northern or southern CA, just punch in 22. This is the code for northern CA. After so many times of the same “mother may I” I asked the briefer how to get around the three steps. Shazam!

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