Women On Wing (WOW)

June 19th blossomed into a perfect day to strut our stuff and share with the
women in the community all that women pilots do. We had seven planes circled
up with pink bows around their props, placards on the props describing how
the pilots got into flying and a table and with all of us to greet and promote

Beth, Denna, Kitty, Barbara, Nina, Pat, Valerie, Anne, Val (from Santa Rosa
99s) and I had so much to share with the visitors. Kids loved meeting Denna
because she had her captain’s uniform on from United Airlines, Barbara was
busy promoting her aviation class at Santa Rosa Junior College, Kitty was discussing soaring, Valerie was giving tours of the ‘light sport’ class of planes, Val
was describing her job as chief mechanic for Fed Ex, and the rest of us were
gladly sharing our love of flight.

I must have given 20 tours of my plane just so
people, kids especially, could sit in the left seat. My favorite question was when a
50 year old women asked if she wasn’t too old to learn to fly. You can only
imagine how I stepped up to mentor that one!

Having this with Petaluma airport display day made it really fun and a
way to give back to the community. Dreams begin with mere sparks. We’re here to kindle their fires.
– Cindy

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