Marlyn’s trip report

Larry and I took off from O69 on June 8 and returned July 18 after 56 hours
of flying in 5 weeks on to Montreal via Kanab, UT; Plainview, TX, where I
was taken on a 2 1/2 hour soaring expedition in a two seat glider; then to
Jennings, LA; Slidell, LA; Asheville, NC; Frederick, MD; cleared Canadian
customs in Cornwall, Ont; on to Montreal, Quebec City; Ottawa; Parry Sound
on Georgian Bay east of Lake Huron; Pittsfield, MA; Columbus, Ohio, where we
were hung up 2 extra days due to a huge storm system (our only wx problem);
on to Hannibal, MO; Goodland, KS; Aspen, CO; Bryce Canyon and back to O69.

Of course, we’ve got stories to tell, but it takes hours to tell.

Now the Saratoga is in Ashland where it’s getting its annual, and an
overhaul of the prop. That’s why we can’t come to Hood River. I’m so
disappointed. Please let us know how it is and look forward to your story
about it.

Happy days on the wing.

Wow! These guys really know how to fly!!!

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