Summer Quarterly Meeting & Fiesta

It was a blast, it was a bash (be sure to recruit Nina for your baseball team), it was the party of all parties in the PAPA hanger. We had swaying palm trees, swinging piñatas and beautiful singing from our serenading friend Guadalupe Diaz.

The Mojito vs Margarita competition ended up in a draw, everyone just wanted more! The food, of course was in abundance and the friendship was overflowing.

The piñata brought out the hoots and hollers from the group as Mauro maneuvered the piñata. He had it sailing all around your head, sometimes just hiding silently on the floor. You were always listening for its approach before swinging. Nina almost put the poor thing out of its misery. What a swing that girl has!

Beth, Laura, Kitty, Cathy, Barbara, Nina, Cindy, Pat Barbara, Sara, Valerie, Kristin, Patty, Sarah, friends, family and 4 great dogs celebrated a great night. Wish you were there!

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