4th Glories

Very rarely do you see this gang of four so relaxed, so laid back, without an ambitious agenda on the Fourth of July. For years Julia, Mark, Don and I have been winging it far and wide, with lots of friends in tow, to sample the delights of our country on Independence Day.

This last 4th of July all we needed was a shady spot where you could dip your toes in a cool pool and let the day pass on a gentle breeze. Ambitionless we were. Due to the upcoming trip to Oshkosh we kept our fireworks celebration close to home in Nevada City at Julia and Mark’s beautiful home.

The big event was part of ‘Music in the Mountains’ summer season production of America’s great theme music. Everything from John Phillips Sousa to Aaron Copeland, marching music of the army, navy, air force and marines to the sounds of America for the last 200 years impressed the crowds.

One piece had a narration of Abraham Lincoln’s address to congress on the eve of the civil war. What a moving speech it still is! The setting for the symphonic and choral extravaganza was on a lovely sweeping lawn under the canopy of ancient fir trees.

Music in the Mountains has a 6 week schedule every summer and should be a part of our fly outs annually. It’s something you’ll always want to return to.

The next day was more laziness around the pool and pond. Julia and I took a 2 hour stroll along the canal trail just to stretch our legs. The canal was built back in the 1850s to bring water down from the high Sierras to power the hydraulic gold mining. Up until then mining was of the placer type; pan and pick.

After the transcontinental railroad was completed much of the Chinese labor force came to the foothills to create these huge water projects. The flume has a 6% grade which keeps the water moving along at a good clip. The trail adjacent to the ditch is a perfect strollable path for walking, running or biking. It is a wonderful asset to the community. The shade of the trees and the coolness of the water were a great foil to the heat building in the day. The gold country is laced with many of these ditches and trails. It would be fun to explore more of them.

Many thanks to Julia and Mark for creating a little bit of heaven. The flight back was just as smooth and clear as the flight over. What a treat to pick up a wx briefing that was less than 2 minutes. Have you ever noticed what a good mood ATC is in when the wx is clear? Great friends, great fun, great flying! –Cindy

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