Oshkosh by Gosh

The big trip nears and lots of us are compiling charts, way points, fueling stops and alternates to 10 days of fun. The plan is to convene in Oshkosh on Sunday the 24th of July.

Pat and Joe are taking the big gulp and landing at Oshkosh to tie down and camp for the week. Valerie and Mike, coming from Florida, Julia, Mark, Don and I and friend Alana will be renting a house in town and landing at nearby Appleton Airport. Kitty, Sabrina and Monica will be finding lodging at one of the colleges nearby.

There’s so many places between here and there it will be difficult to decide how to plan the trip. A week on the ground in Oshkosh requires a spreadsheet. So much to do and oh and ahh!

Don and I may swing by Moab on the way out and then stop in Smiley Creek, Idaho (with everyone else) on the way back. As the wx gods haven’t shown their cards yet, we’ll see how it goes the night before we leave. Light some candles on the wx alter for us!

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