This is from our newest member: Connie Wong

Hi Everyone! I’ve decided to run for California State Assembly!

I am running for office because I am tired of the corruption that goes on in our Government. For the last year, I have been leading a group of Whistleblowers against the California National Guard, and we finally made some headway on Feb 15, 2012! See us here:

But our biggest victory came Friday when one of our members received a letter from the EEOC Judge who ruled in their favor and imposed sanctions on the California National Guard for violating EEO laws. Basically, the California National Guard is a HOT MESS with regard to their discrimination and retaliation complaint processes. Yes!!! The Year of the Dragon is in effect!

A little bit about me:

  • Veteran of 18 years and still serving in the California National Guard in the rank of major;
  • Democrat;
  • Committed to creating jobs & eradicating joblessness – this is my #1 Priority!
  • Proud mother of a child who attends public school and committed to increasing our State’s Education Budget;
  • Committed to keeping our environment Green;
  • Realtor and Pro-California Association of Realtors (CAR) & NAR; and I advocate for “Cram Down” or Eminent Domain legislation to help those in foreclosure stay in their homes;
  • Graduated from UCLA & Rutgers Law School;
  • An advocate for more efficient Immigration Procedures;
  • Pro-Organic foods;
  • Pro-Civil & Equal Rights, Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBT Rights; and
  • For Tax Revenues; I advocate for the Legalization of Marijuana.

Please help me beat Goliath (the Incumbent) by donating

I would be thrilled if everyone just donated $5, but if you’re feeling generous, individuals can donate up to $3,900 each and Small Contributor Committees can donate up to $7,800. If everyone could help me forward this link to 20 of your friends/family and ask them to do the same, we can win this seat in the Assembly! Thank you!

Connie Wong for CA State Assembly 2012 Committee

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