Annual Meeting – March 28, 2015

Marin County Chapter of the Ninety-Nines, Inc.

Annual Meeting – March 28, 2015

It was a beautiful day for our 2015 Annual Meeting for the Marin 99’s.  In attendance was, per group shot photo below, front row:  Nancy Sasser, Meaghan Bertram, Barbara O’Grady, back row:  Sue Royce, Valerie Westen, Pat Pittelkow, Cindy Pickett, Carolyn Walker-Davis, Sarah Fogarty, Ann Stitt, and Jennifer Gonzalez.  Big thanks to Cindy for letting us use her hangar for the meeting and also big thanks to everyone for bringing the scrumptious food for the brunch.  

Certificates of thanks were presented to the past board members, Cindy Pickett, Chair; Pat Pittelkow, Vice Chair; Barbara O’Grady, Secretary; and Carolyn Patterson, Treasurer.  An Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Cindy for her 18 years of dynamic leadership, loyalty and friendship to the women pilots of the Marin Chapter of the 99’s.  The new Marin 99’s board was introduced:  Sue Royce, Chair; Carolyn Walker-Davis, Vice Chair; Meaghan Bertram, Secretary; and Cindy Pickett, Treasurer.  

The compass rose painting was such a success and so appreciated by the folks at Petaluma Municipal Airport, we have been asked to help with other like projects.  Gnoss Field is also interested in our help.  More to follow.  

Cindy requested 99’s membership sponsorship for two Nepalese pilots.  Cindy is already sponsoring one.  Barbara and Sue offered to sponsor one each.  

Anne Stitt mentioned she is moving to San Luis Obispo and asked us to fly in for a visit.


April 18 – Display Day at Petaluma Airport – This will be Petaluma’s first Display Day for 2015, so the turnout should be great.  Our 99’s Chapter will have a tented table there to hand out literature, answer questions, etc.
May 16 – AOPA’s Salinas, CA Fly-In – Join AOPA and our other 99’s for the AOPA Fly-In at Salinas Municipal Airport.  It is a celebration of general aviation, features exhibitors, aircraft displays, seminars and activities to interest and delight the whole family.  Click here to register:   RSVP today or go to for more information.
June 13 – Young Eagles – 99’s pilots to participate in Young Eagles event in conjunction with Scanlon Aviation’s open house.  99’s have been asked to volunteer to fly some of the youngsters for short flights.
July 18 – Columbia Fly-In for Lunch – Details to be firmed up closer to date.


  • Try Half Moon Bay again for Fly-In
  • Furnace Creek Fly-In next March.  Maybe fly into Bishop and drive to Furnace Creek in rental car.
  • Ocean flight training in Maui
  • McCall, Idaho mountain flying classes

We discussed inviting other groups, such as Santa Rosa 99’s, Bay Cities 99’s, GFCA, EAA, IFFR (International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians), and PAPA to our fly-ins and other activities.

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