99s at Wings Over Wine Country Air Show Sept. 26-27th 2015

The Charles M. Schultz-Sonoma County Airport teemed with aviation-enthusiasts during last weekend’s Wings Over Wine Country Air Show, where thousands of onlookers gathered to enjoy the sights, sounds, and excitement of aviation over two full days of airborne performances. The 99s hosted a booth directly to the right of the main entrance at this year’s PCAM air show, allowing members to greet those attending the air show, educate others about the 99s, and encourage spectators’ support for women in aviation.
Susan Royce, Jennifer Gonalaz, Karen Kalua and Sherry Vakharia backed up Valerie Suberg, Sonoma County 99s President, to promote the 99s at the air show. The team enthusiastically worked towards their goal of promoting the 99s and receive as many votes as possible for the Lightspeed $10,000 annual grant. This grant is awarded to the organization that displays the most spirit in aviation and is judged by total votes received. The Wings Over Wine Country Air Show and the 99s booth enjoyed a big turnout and hopefully – as we have done the past two years – we will again receive the Lightspeed grant to support our scholarships for girls and women in aviation. 
The team also hosted an outstanding silent auction and raffle complete with round-trip Alaskan Airline flights, Wine Country tours, and autographed Golden State Warriors photographs, to raise additional funds for scholarships given by the 99s. The team received ample interest from the air show-goers and answered many questions about the organization, its role and history in the aviation community, and encouraged more than a few women to follow their dreams to fly.

Submitted by Karen Kalua – Marin 99s

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