Meeting Report 3/19/21


Barbara O’Grady, Meaghan Bertram, Valerie Westen, Sherry Vakharia and Patrice Pagano

 President Sue Royce and Rhonda Nilsson  


President Sue Royce and Cindy Pickett

“Miracle March” by Cindy Pickett

What is it about ten days of non stop rain and cloud cover that makes you crave carbohydrates? Shamelessly I arrived for our March 19 Marin 99s meeting with a basket of croissants. Just had THE craving for the forbidden. It seems like all of us were in need of the same fix; delightful poppyseed muffins, the royal pastries of Rustic Bakery, carrot cake and a fruit salad with the most delicious mangoes. This is the recipe for heaven; flying friends and food! Sue Royce, Meaghan Bertram, Barbara O’Grady, Val Westen, Sherry Vakhara, Patrice Pagano and Cindy Pickett made up the quorum.

Click here for the rest of the minutes from our meeting on 3/19/21.

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